TCPOPEN Communication for EcoStruxure™ M580 Applications

Programmable Serial & Ethernet Communication Module
Published by Niobrara RD Corp


TCPOPEN Communication for EcoStruxure™ M580 Applications

In industrial plants, it is often necessary for an M580 ePAC to communicate with non-standard Ethernet devices. These devices have their own custom Ethernet protocols that are not supported by normal network modules. Niobrara's TCPOPEN application runs within the Niobrara PMEUCM module and allows custom Ethernet protocols to be written within the EcoStruxure™ M580 program using Control Expert.

The PMEUCM is a programmable serial/Ethernet communication module for Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure M580 ePAC. It includes two serial ports, two bottom panels mounted 100BaseTX Ethernet ports, a PLC Ethernet interface, a LCD display with joystick, a real-time clock, a TCP/IP stack, and a MicroSD card slot.

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TCPOPEN Communication for EcoStruxure™ M580 Applications


Custom programmable Ethernet communication for M580

The User is able to program socket communication directly within Control Expert to communicate with non-Industrial protocols.

Migrate Premium TCPOPEN applications to M580

The M580 TCPOPEN is similar to the legacy Premium TCPOPEN platform to allow socket control in the modern controller.
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