RemoteConnect for the SCADAPack x70

Configuration & programming software application
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Object database
  • X70 Logic editor
  • Cybersecurity
  • Third-party device management

Object database

User-defined names (tags):

  • Easily understood, relating directly to the process and/or equipment, and functionality RemoteConnect Object Browsers
  • Offline browser provides grouping, filtering, and sorting, for easy viewing and manipulation
  • Export/Import to/from Microsoft® Excel:

  • Facilitates external editing and templating of configurations to minimize engineering time, particularly for large systems
  • Protocol-agnostic:

  • Associate Modbus registers and/or DNP3 Level 4 objects with tagged database objects/variables
  • Optional DNP3 data concentrator Master for retrieval of DNP3 events and data
  • Modbus Scanner for configuration-based polling of Modbus devices without logic
  • Support for large object databases:

  • Up to 15000 objects
  • Up to 6000 logic-connected objects (included in the 15000 total)
  • X70 Logic editor

    Share program sections with Modicon PLCs:

  • Logic code re-use between SCADAPack RTU and Modicon PLCs
  • Five IEC 61131-3 logic languages:

  • FBD – Function Block Diagram
  • LD – Ladder Diagram
  • SFC – Sequential Function Chart
  • IL – Instruction List
  • ST – Structured Text
  • Export/Import of logic program sections for reuse in other projects.


    IP White List:

  • Restrict inbound & outbound comms. to specific IP addresses or ranges
  • Restrict communications to specific IP services or port numbers to limit access
  • DNP3 SAv2 Secure Authentication:

  • Authentication of critical commands over DNP3
  • Enable/Disable IP Services

  • Customer can choose which IP services to enable/disable and when, thus limiting cyber attack-surface exposure.
  • Third-party device management

    RemoteConnect is an FDT2 Container

  • FDT2 –Field Device Tool, version 2
  • DTMs (High performance software drivers)

  • DTM -Device Type Manager
  • RemoteConnect accepts plug-in software DTMs of version 2 or version 1.2
  • Device DTMs are available from instrument vendors and provide an operator interface for managing and configuring the device
  • Communication DTMs provide the ‘protocol’ connection between the DTM and the device
  • Gateway DTMs act as a comms. bridge between networks and comm. DTMs
  • Customer can choose which IP services to enable/disable and when, thus limiting cyber attack-surface exposure.
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