RemoteConnect for the SCADAPack x70

Configuration & programming software application
Published by Schneider Electric


Flexible configuration and programming application for SCADAPack x70 Smart RTUs

RemoteConnect™ provides a flexible, easy-to-use programming and configuration environment for the SCADAPack x70 Smart RTU series.

RemoteConnect is a Windows-based application based on EcoStruxure™ Control Expert (Unity Pro) software components that can be used in both local and remote configurations.

This download consists of RemoteConnect and SCADAPack x70 Utilities 2.7.6, SCADAPack x70 Extensions Library for RemoteConnect, and EcoStruxure Control Expert 15.1.

Please review the Release Notes prior to software installation. Files downloaded from the internet may be blocked by Windows. You may need to unblock the files before unzipping and installing the SCADAPack RemoteConnect configuration software.

Download SHA256 checksum:

The User Documentation in PDF format is available on the Docs & Videos tab. Please refer to the Index PDF to locate the desired document within the provided PDF files.

Note: EcoStruxure Control Expert 15.1 (or newer) is required when using RemoteConnect 2.7.3 (or newer) and is included in this download.
Note: After downloading, unblock the ZIP file: Right-click on the zip file, select Properties and select the Unblock check-box.
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RemoteConnect for the SCADAPack x70


Reduce your costs

Reduction of costs associated with maintaining multiple applications to manage the SCADAPack Smart RTU.

Leverage your expertise

Leverage of expertise across SCADAPack x70 and Modicon PLC projects, through code sharing & code re-use.

Reduces site travel

Reduction of travel to remote sites, by maintaining SCADAPack and associated instruments and devices through RemoteConnect with DNP3, Modbus, and HART protocols.

It is simple

Single integrated application for configuration, logic development, and diagnostics.

It is efficient

x70 Logic Editor is based on EcoStruxure Control Expert (Unity Pro) software components.

It is effective

Local or remote maintenance or upgrade of system firmware, configuration, and logic applications using industry standard protocols over TCP/IP or serial based networks.

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