ETAP Electrical Digital Twin

Active blueprint of the electrical system
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Digitize your power system with ETAP

ETAP software suite is a fully integrated energy management solution to design, operate, and automate power systems from low to high voltage in AC and DC.

ETAP Electrical Digital Twin is the model and foundation, the active blueprint of the electrical system and enables digitization at every stage of the power system lifecycle by connecting the platform to a larger ecosystem of complimentary and collaborative solutions. 

This ultimate user-interface to model, visualize, collaborate, and analyze electrical networks is designed to easily display analysis results, real-time system information and estimated data, to automate, validate, and manage AC & DC power network systems.

The intelligent single-line diagram visualizes data in any combination of voltage, phase, frequency, measuring unit, and standard for any application and industry.

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ETAP Electrical Digital Twin

Transmission Network SLD

Distribution Network SLD

Renewable Energy SLD

Auto-Build Smart Alignement Tools

Generation System SLD

Transmission & Distribution Network SLD

Live Plots with Network SLD


Single platform with integrated applications

Full suite of electrical engineering software solutions that integrate a graphical, user-friendly power system design & modeling platform with real-time power applications.  

Scalable solution

Featuring 100+ analysis modules and 60+ real-time solution, ETAP expands with your needs.

Verified & validated

Thoroughly verified & validated; a stringent Quality Assurance Program ensures the software meets the highest standards and regulations for mission-critical infrastructure.  

Unlimited technical support

Global support centers for local support via Help Center portal, email and phone.
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