ETAP Electrical Digital Twin

Active blueprint of the electrical system
Published by ETAP


  • Intelligent AC & DC network modeling & visualizations
  • Advanced network operation & automation

Intelligent AC & DC network modeling & visualizations

  • Network builder wizard
  • Templates
  • Brand agnostic library
  • Grid code studies & monitoring
  • Intelligent AC & DC network modeling & visualizations
    Visualize & interact with ETAP multi-dimension, multi-layer Digital-Twin
    • Empowering confident decision-making in an uncertain world.

    Unified team collaboration on ETAP intelligent electrical single-line diagram
    • Design & review together, shorten modeling from weeks to days.

    • Mobile field data collection & synchronization

    Advanced network operation & automation

  • Model-driven monitoring
  • Predictive simulation & operational awareness
  • Automate with intelligent power plant controllers
  • Planning & ADMS for grid application
  • Cloud-based collaborative engineering platform
  • Advanced network operation & automation
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