Augury Machine Health Solution

Industrial asset management with remote communication and diagnostics
Published by Augury Inc.


  • Machine health for critical assets
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Collaborate remotely
  • Optimize your assets
  • Uncover systemic risks
  • Prioritize and act
  • Enable condition-based maintenance

Machine health for critical assets

Leap to the cutting edge of predictive maintenance with a combination of advanced sensors, prescriptive diagnostics and actionable insights.
  • Sensors capture and transmit data to the Augury platform 24/7.

  • AI detects issues, explains what caused them and prescribes courses of action.

  • Augury’s platform, AI insights and expert support enable users to prioritize and plan machine health activity.

  • Users collaborate and act on guidance to improve the health and performance of machines and operations.

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Prescriptive diagnostics take predictive maintenance to the next level, helping you know what, when and how to remediate issues before they cause downtime.
Prescriptive and actionable machine health insights
  • Help your team act with confidence that they're correcting the root cause of any malfunctions. Verify repairs and view full machine health histories on our web-based platform.

Dedicated customer success managers
  • CSMs help unlock the full value of your machine health initiative from onboarding new users, to training and sharing reliability best practices.

Powerful and intuitive platform
  • Visualize machine health at the individual asset, facility, and regional levels to help you make informed and impactful reliability decisions.

Eliminate unplanned downtime
Machine health helps your team
  • Increase uptime - Eliminate failures with accurate and actionable machine health insights – allowing your team to prevent individual assets from halting production in the first place.

  • Reduce maintenance costs - Detailed and prescriptive machine health alerts lead to efficient repairs that address the root cause of malfunctions – increasing asset life cycles and reducing downtime for repairs.

  • Minimize risk - Remote continuous monitoring protects technicians from recording on hard to reach or dangerous equipment while ensuring machines are working optimally for a safe work environment.

Collaborate remotely

Align maintenance, reliability and operations teams around a common set of machine health data and insights so teams can make better decisions together.

Augury’s Machine Health platform enables remote collaboration and data driven decisions to help keep production running smoothly — even when some workers can’t be on-site. Share analytics, insights, and actions based on machine health data to protect your critical assets.

Collaborate remotely
Remote diagnostics
  • Remote monitoring and prescriptive diagnostics capabilities to help maintenance teams quickly address machine health issues and transition to a condition based program.

Full view of machine health history
  • Single place to track the full history of the machine including reliability discussions and activities.

Discussion Threads for Collaboration and data-driven decisions
  • Real-time sharing of insights, ideas and actions to address issues and keep your machines running smoothly through remote collaboration.

Remote troubleshooting and feedback
  • Validate actions in near-real time by logging a repair and initiating a conversation with an Augury machine health expert.

Virtual machine health support by experts
  • Quickly access Augury’s machine health experts to help you make better reliability focused decisions in the right context.

Remote-assisted deployment and onboarding
  • Seamlessly deploy machine health without disrupting production.

Machine health helps your team
  • Make data-driven decisions, together - Visualize the health and performance of your machines to make better decisions. Share insights, ideas and actions to address issues and eliminate downtime.
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime - ctionable and prescriptive diagnostics help maintenance teams efficiently correct machine health issues even when normal staffing levels are reduced.
  • Remotely collaborate and communicate - Stay connected with Augury’s Threads. Tag your teammates to quickly share insights, recommendations and get advice from your own experts or ours

Optimize your assets

Compare asset performance across facilities, and integrate mechanical and operational data to identify untapped potential and root causes of failure.

Visualize and understand the health of your assets and processes to increase predictability, quality, speed, and throughput. Identify and solve the root cause of mechanical malfunctions to unlock the hidden value of machine health across all of your production lines.

Keep your machines performing at their best
  • Detailed machine health analyses, full machine histories and action oriented alerts help eliminate the root cause of machine malfunctions before they cause downtime.

Understand the full picture of your operations
  • Examine and get context on your manufacturing operations by comparing machine health with production line performance and operational data.

Connect With reliability experts and data scientists
  • Expand your team online with Augury’s experts to make informed decisions and verify the effectiveness of repairs to uncover blind spots in your processes.
Optimize your assets

Uncover systemic risks

Get insights into the performance of your assets and production lines across facilities. Set facility benchmarks and make comparisons against industry averages.

Benchmark your facilities and production lines to uncover risks and discover machine health opportunities. Visualize and understand performance gaps to communicate best practices and keep all of your teams working like your best team.

Collaborate and communicate at the corporate level
  • Make impactful business decisions using historical and real-time machine health and performance data. Understand which of your facilities and production lines are the most reliable with intuitive dashboards.

Visualize and optimize facility production
  • Share best practices and insights between facilities to help your experts take action to eliminate systemic machine health issues.

Prioritize and create operational resilience
  • Protect your production and eliminate unplanned downtime company wide. Make informed reliability decisions and prepare for the future knowing the actual condition of your assets.

Machine health helps your team
  • Uncover manufacturing risks - Improve the health of your organization by visualizing the health and performance of your assets company wide.
  • Improve operational resilience - Actionable and prescriptive diagnostics help maintenance teams efficiently correct machine health issues eliminating costly unplanned downtime.
  • Identify problematic assets - Spot trends and let your experts identify and isolate ‘bad actor’ assets to improve your business as a whole.

Prioritize and act

Drive your daily maintenance, reliability and operations stand-ups and schedules with intuitive dashboards and prescriptive diagnostics into the current health state of your machines.

Plan your daily maintenance and reliability activities around the current health state of your machines. Optimize work schedules with digital insights and shift your team into a more collaborative and proactive mode of work.

Prioritize machine health
  • Clear and actionable alerts notify you which machines need your attention most. Optimize work schedules and plan repairs around real-time asset health.

Get everyone on the same page
  • Stay connected remotely with our intuitive user platform. Discuss machine health trends, share recommendations and make decisions together, online.

Optimize maintenance to fit your production
  • Rally around action oriented alerts and access the full history of your machines to truly understand how they perform under different conditions.

Machine health helps your team
  • Increase mean time between failures - Eliminate failures from happening in the first place with insights and maintenance recommendations that help professionals act instead of plan.
  • Make informed reliability decisions - Actionable and prescriptive diagnostics help maintenance teams quickly correct machine health issues and make facility wide reliability decisions based on data.
  • Streamline stand-up meetings - Run your meetings using a prioritized list of machines that need your attention and let your experts work like experts with actionable insights on their side.

Enable condition-based maintenance

Transform Maintenance End to End, Lowering costs and increasing productivity by basing maintenance plans on with real-time machine data, not generalized guidelines.

Provide your team the insights they need to keep your assets working at their best. Stop reacting to machine malfunctions and start eliminating unnecessary tasks with actionable insights into machine health and performance.

Reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • Align maintenance and repair efforts with machine health rather than pre-planned schedules, to prevent early failures and over-maintaining well-performing equipment.

Increase productivity and lower costs
  • Get maximum productivity from equipment and production lines by organizing maintenance plans and spare parts inventories using real-time machine health data.

Enable maintenance and reliability agility
  • Prioritize action with prescriptive alerts, and collaborate across teams with a shared, data-based view of machine statuses and potential risks.

Machine health helps your team
  • Optimize spare parts inventory - Confidently make asset decisions and spare part purchases, while eliminating unnecessary overnight fees, by using real-time machine health and performance data.
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime - Actionable and prescriptive diagnostics help maintenance teams efficiently correct machine health issues even when normal staffing levels are reduced.
  • Remotely collaborate and communicate - Keep your team connected and allow them to share insights and recommendations on an interactive and constantly updated machine health platform.
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