Augury Machine Health Solution

Industrial asset management with remote communication and diagnostics
Published by Augury Inc.


How machine health can help you transform your business - Augury

When a critical machine fails, an entire production line grinds to a halt. Underperforming machines reduce business performance. So why are machines still failing ? Because companies lack real-time insight into the health of their machines and how to improve it.

Augury’s Machine health uses the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technology to predict and prevent machine failures and improve machine performance. Machine health drives productivity from factory floor to the corporate office. We offer end-to-end solution for industrial asset management. The condition based maintenance includes automated alerts, remote communication and remote diagnosis.

Augury’s wireless sensors capture vibration, magnetic, and temperature data. By fusing and analyzing these data points, our algorithms provide a comprehensive view of machine health. After nearly a decade of continuous monitoring and data labeling by trained domain experts, our dataset now includes more than 50 million hours of machine recordings from over 80 thousand unique machines. As the recording volume exponentially increases, so does the accuracy, relevancy, and timeliness of fault insights.

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Augury Machine Health Solution

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Eliminating unplanned downtime

Machine Health uses leading indicators versus lagging indicators to repair critical machines at risk before they interrupt production which results in: capacity improvements, reduction of QA/QC problems, increase in production and workforce efficiencies, faster time to market, and reduction of unplanned downtime.

Reducing maintenance cost

Machine Health can help lower total cost of maintenance by reducing: cost of spare parts, overtime hours, employee churn, waste and scrap reduction, and over maintaining assets.

Calculating machine health with algorithms

Our algorithms extract over 840 unique feature sets from the machine’s data and compares them to our proprietary dataset to determine whether it is a healthy or unhealthy machine. Our solution recognizes and synthesizes feature patterns rapidly and at scale as well as continues to monitor machine data for developing issues.

Extracting signal from noise

The first layer of our diagnostics applies advanced signal processing methods to filter machine data from irrelevant noises. By using condition estimates at the component and bearing levels, we automate root cause analysis. Our diagnostics highlight the severity of specific fault types and issue repair recommendations. Once repaired the solution validates that repairs were done correctly.

Realizing value quickly

  • Fully Prescriptive diagnostics
  • 99%+ Fault detection accuracy
  • 90%+ Response & engagement
  • 3X+ROI payback within months
  • Insurance-backed guarantee
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