AZZO EnergyX Portable

The world's most advanced portable metering solution
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Cloud-connected portable meter and software platform that provides insight into both power quality and energy performance on any site

Introducing the world's most advanced portable metering solution.

For more than 10 years, AZZO has been providing portable metering and power quality audits with the real-time IoT connectivity of EnergyX Portable.

Working onsite or remotely as required, we can help to diagnose power quality or capacity concerns, then size and design the appropriate PQ mitigation solution, and provide verification and validation of solutions post-install.

If you're a contractor or consultant, you can perform your own studies or get support from AZZO experts.

With secure, built-in cellular connectivity and QR Code activation, you get live data and visualizations within minutes of connecting.

Now available for rental in United States, Canada and Australia.
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AZZO EnergyX Portable


Much more than energy audits

EnergyX Portable takes advantage of AZZO’s EnergyX IoT cloud platform to deliver a wide range of applications beyond energy audits, including harmonics, power factor and disturbance analysis, power quality standard compliance and energy bill verification. Custom studies and analysis are available on demand.

Instant insights

Whether you are a consultant, contractor or a facility manager, you can start monitoring within minutes of connecting your EnergyX Portable. View dashboards, live diagrams and reports to understand more about what is occurring in your electrical network. No more waiting weeks for your data to be processed,

Remote power quality audits

Once you have connected EnergyX Portable to your electrical network, AZZO's Power Quality experts can analyze the data and provide you with an assessment of power quality issues and a recommendation for how to mitigate them.
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