GPS Real-time Kinematic for EcoStruxure™ M580 solutions

An IIOT solution for precision of position data
Published by Monaghan Engineering


IIOT Solution to enhance the precision of positional data using GPS

To ensure safety and reduce production loss, the determination of precise positional data of operating machines is of key importance. Although encoders translate physical motion into electrical data, they require regular maintenance of the moving parts resulting in high costs. On the other hand, the positioning of preset sensors at the end of rails make them a time-consuming alternative using, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags for enhancing the accuracy of encoders which are not reliable in long term.

GPS RTK (Real Time Kinematics) for EcoStruxure™ M580 solutions is an IIOT solution to enhance precision of position data derived from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). One Base Station can broadcast RTK corrections for multiple Rover Stations. A small EcoStruxure™ M580 CPU or EcoStruxure™ M580 remote drop with a PMEGPS0100 can be added to the Base Station to send diagnostic of the Base station.

This technique involves the measurement of both the arrival time and the carrier phase of the satellite signal at the mobile equipment usually called the Rover. This information is compared to the signal received at a known reference location called the Base Station. The Rover and Base Station share information through a two-way radio or internet connection. The Rover and Base Station can be separated by up to 10 km and a single Base Station can provide reference information for multiple Rovers. The position of the Rover can be measured up to an accuracy of 5 cm.

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GPS Real-time Kinematic for EcoStruxure™ M580 solutions


Seamless integration with the help of ready to use GPS RTK library

This helps in improving the overall process flow and facilitates easy calculation of position, velocity and direction of mechanical system.

Save up to 40% of programming hours

This technique is very efficient and helps in speeding up the programming process by just linking the GPS data to DBFs.

Save up to 30% of commissioning and startup hours

There is no wastage of hours in debugging code to make sure data is accurate. The tested and validated library is an added value.

Increase productivity and profit-margin

Maintenance-less system, one time investment, precise remote monitoring, enhanced reliability and less downtime are the key factors increasing productivity and making profits.
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