METRUM Manual Data Input Tool

Alternative WEB ETL for entering data into existing sources in PME through web app
Published by METRUM


Enter data manually via the EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert web app

The first step for power management is to track all of your data. In situations where customers have an existing base of old devices it might be the case where we don´t have communication interfaces or the infrastructure won´t allow network connection. To allow these customers to give their first step in direction to power management, it is necessary to have ways for the data to be entered in PME, sometimes not automatically, and then be used in the same way as a direct connected source.

METRUM´s Manual Data Input Tool enable users with the right permissions to input data in PME´s Database directly through an embedded tab inside PME Web App interface.
  • Devices without communication
  • Production data
  • WAGES data
  • Finance data
  • Technology Partner

    METRUM Manual Data Input Tool

    Access to the available sources

    User permissions


    Data import for quantities of any source in PME

    Enables the simple entry of production data or energy consumption for meters without communication.

    Traceability of the actions made by each user

    Logging any attempt of importing new data to the system with its status, username and timestamp. Any uploaded file can be downloaded for further analysis.

    User permissions configuration

    Allows the definition of permissions for each user type for editing or reading.

    Provides stronger cybersecurity

    No need for direct access to main server for data input

    Backward compatibility

    Allows customers with old existing base to start on PME which increases the amount of customers interested in the solution.
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