METRUM Manual Data Input Tool

Alternative WEB ETL for entering data into existing sources in PME through web app
Published by METRUM


  • Standard template import
  • Access to available sources
  • User permissions configuration

Standard template import

Data import dashboard offers,
  • Download of the blank standard template with the columns : Source, Quantity, Value and Timestamp.
  • Simple drag and drop feature.
  • "Notes" field for better identification and description.
  • Event Log with status, username and timestamp for each data upload.
  • Download of uploaded files for further analysis.
  • Follows the systems user preferences for chosen colors and languages (English and Portuguese - other languages on demand).
  • Standard template import

    Access to available sources

    The user with right permissions can select from available sources list (all devices connected in PME) to enable manual data input.

    Thus it protects from misleading inputs in sources updated automatically (devices with communication).

    Access to available sources

    User permissions configuration

    Allows custom permissions configuration for editing and reading depending on the user type.

    The supervisor always has full permissions and has the ability to configure the permissions for the other user types: Observer, User, Controller and Operator.

    User permissions configuration
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