EtherNet/IP to Profibus Gateway for Process Control and Asset Management

Integrate Profibus into EcoStruxure™ over EtherNet/IP


Connect Profibus to Schneider Electric Control Systems over EtherNet/IP

The control, monitoring and optimization of continuous production processes and facilities require an integrated automation technology. In particular, Profibus offers at present the possibility for comprehensive monitoring and Plant Asset Management.

Combined with Schneider's M580 solutions, epGate PA offers the possibility to expand legacy plants in the process industry with modern and highly functional segments. Enabling the use of digital technology leads to increased data accuracy and enhanced system reliability, as well as improved plant availability due to preventive maintenance based on the available diagnostic information.

Softing, as a long-term partner of Schneider Electric, offers a large portfolio to enable interconnection of various protocols.

Technology Partner

EtherNet/IP to Profibus Gateway for Process Control and Asset Management

Usual Topology


Web-based engineering software

  • Integration of Profibus PA slaves via web-browser based software.
  • Export of *.XDB function blocks, used for data decoding in EcoStruxure™ Control Expert.
  • Support of Schneider engineering tools

  • Easy integration in EcoStruxure™ Control Expert with EDS file, reducing engineering time and making commissioning easier.
  • FDT/DTM support for Asset Management.
  • Tested in Schneider Electric environment

  • Data access of PLC program to Profibus devices without requiring detailed Profibus knowledge.
  • Part of E+H/Schneider Electric Open Integration Partner Program Infrastructure.
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