TOP Server - OPC UA/DA Server for EcoStruxure™ CPG

Connecting 100's of Device Types
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Maximize Data Integration for Decision Making

Digital transformation initiatives require the right information to be available to the right systems and people for successful collaboration and decision making. Customers are faced with the challenge of integrating hardware systems from multiple suppliers and of varying ages, types of interfaces, networks, and performance, with time and budget constraints.


TOP Server rises to the challenge for users of Aveva and Schneider Electric HMI, SCADA, Historian & MES applications as a scalable software application with flexible-plug-in communications drivers for serial & Ethernet devices encompassing 100's of different types and protocols. Deep functionality from 25 years experience in device integration backed by expert support to help you choose the right drivers provides success assurance.

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TOP Server - OPC UA/DA Server for EcoStruxure™ CPG

Single configuration and management user interface provides training and engineering scalability


Improved decision making & system performance

  • Accessing all required data, even from older, more challenging systems, improves collaboration and decision making
  • Bring all the data you need into a single application and then deliver just what each system in your architecture
  • Single application lets you optimize the use of network communication resources in one place to deliver the most performant system possible
  • Applications can scale to 1000's of devices and over 100k tags and greater, depending on device mix, network type & capacity
  • Our expert resources can guide you to the best communications architecture

Reduced integration, training & commissioning costs

  • Configuring one application takes less time than alternatives requiring multiple software applications
  • Quick-start wizards help users start quickly, copy-paste, import, and API configuration scales large configurations
  • Single standards-based interface to other software applications
  • Extensive startup testing tools reduce field commissioning time

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