TOP Server - OPC UA/DA Server for EcoStruxure™ CPG

Connecting 100's of Device Types
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  • 100's of Drivers
  • Single Application and User Interface
  • Deep Driver Functionality
  • Standards Based Connectivity
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Advanced Functionality

100's of Drivers

Connect to serial & Ethernet devices over wired, wireless, and radio networks across a wide range of device types. Only license what you need though. Product licenses are sold in suites of drivers for a single hardware brand, suites for multiple hardware brands, and suites for common vertical industries including Manufacturing, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, IT/Infrastructure, and Building Automation.
100's of Drivers

Single Application and User Interface

With TOP Server, once you learn how to configure one of it's drivers to connect your hardware, you will know how to use any of the other drivers. The common user interface lets you build a single source data set for all different device types.
Single Application and User Interface

Deep Driver Functionality

Communicating with devices is more than just having a driver with the name of the manufacturer on it. Each device type has it's own communications language, or protocol and capabilities that can vary from one device model to another. If your drivers do not address the details, you may not be able to access all the data you need.

  • TOP Server's drivers provide user configurable settings, detailed in each driver's configuration setup and documentation, to empower you to connect to a wide range of devices.
  • Performance tuning optimization settings enable communicating on all types of networks
  • Support for wide range of memory types, functions, and data types insure you get the desired data
  • Free trial software so you can try the drivers with your devices
  • Our team's expert assistance through our free support portal helps you succeed.

Standards Based Connectivity

TOP Server supports a variety of methods for connecting to other software applications to insure your communications platform investment is protected.


Server interfaces for exposing TOP Server data to other software

  • OPC Unified Architecture (UA)
  • OPC Data Access(DA)/Classic 
  • OPC Alarms & Events (A&E) (Event log built-in, more via optional plug-in)
  • OPC Historical Data (HDA) when using optional local historian plug-in
  • SuiteLink - for use with Aveva InTouch, System Platform & Historian


Client interfaces - TOP Server can source data from other OPC applications and combine it with data from your licensed TOP Server device drivers

  • OPC Data Access (DA)/Classic
  • OPC Unified Architecture (UA)

Troubleshooting Tools

Communications over varying network and device types can feel challenging and complex. When something is not working it's key to have tools that help you find out what's happening so you can resolve the issue quickly. TOP Server comes with a variety of helpful tools


  • OPC Quick Client - lets you check the values coming into TOP Server before they go to your HMI/SCADA/Historian & MES application, test writes to the device at varying speeds you control
  • Event Log - shows you what has occurred over time and why with timestamped messages when a device is not responding or having problems
  • Device Communications Diagnostics - to the byte views of the data passing between TOP Server and your device, for your experts or ours to analyze and review
  • OPC Diagnostics - detailed views of the data passing between your software and TOP Server

Advanced Functionality

TOP Server does not stop at just getting raw data in from devices. Users can add many options to add value to the data


  • Advanced Tags Plug-In - perform calculations and even combine tags from multiple sources to create complex derived data that is available to your software
  • DataLoggger Plug-In - log data to any ODBC compliant database
  • Scheduler Plug-In - for telemetry applications where you need to use your network capacity carefully, users can add this plug-in that lets them schedule polling times and exception blocks to best use their limited network capacity
  • EFM History Exporter - for Oil & Gas applications. Export historical electronic flow meter data collected from field RTUs & measurement devices
  • Alarms & Events Plug-In - define alarm limits and generate alarms that are then available using the OPC Alarms & Events Standard
  • Local Historian Plug-In - Log data locally and then forward it to enterprise historians using the OPC HDA standard
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