Caneco HT

Electrical design software for medium and high voltage electrical installations
Published by ALPI


Design your MV and HV switchboards using Caneco HT

Caneco HT enables the design and verification of private medium and high voltage electrical installations in compliance with applicable standards. Our solution builds on ALPI's 30 years of experience in software development.

The tool addresses all the requirements of medium and high voltage installations such as calculation and sizing, schematics, automatic production of documents. It also performs specific tasks such as control and study of selectivity determined by time-current curves (TCC) in association with Caneco TCC tool.

Technology Partner

Caneco HT


Quality and compliance

Caneco HT performs electrical sizing in compliance with national and international applicable standards: IEC 60909, CEI 60502-2, NFC 13-200, VDE 276 and IEC 61363 (for the design of marine and offshore electrical networks).

Time saving

Caneco HT automatically produces network single-line diagrams and calculation notes, thus reducing multiple data entry and risk of errors

Tailored to global markets

Caneco HT allows the design of international projects, thanks to its multi-standard and multi-language options.
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