Caneco HT

Electrical design software for medium and high voltage electrical installations
Published by ALPI


  • Calculations and sizing of electrical equipment
  • Convenient for simple and complex network architectures
  • Automatic production of documents
  • Selectivity analysis
  • Regional & Technical Scope

Calculations and sizing of electrical equipment

  • Caneco HT performs calculations of admissible currents
  • Caneco HT enables the calculation of Peak short-circuit currents (effective value and peak value) and minimum short-circuit currents (between phases and earth fault), homopolar and capacitive currents
  • Caneco HT calculates voltage drops anywhere in the installation, depending on the impact of loads on the electrical grid
  • It also enables you to size and verify cable cross-sections
  • Convenient for simple and complex network architectures

  • With Caneco HT, you can determine the operating configurations of the installation, whether they are displayed in a hierarchical or a loop network
  • Calculations take into account the worst-case conditions, in order to ensure compliance of the network with applicable standards
  • Automatic production of documents

    Caneco HT produces calculation files and documents with all the equipment specifications to comply with the main standards: calculation notes, network single-line diagrams, protection settings lists, selectivity curves, etc.

    Selectivity analysis

  • In association with Caneco TCC, Caneco HT produces protection plans which take into account the architecture of the installation as well as the requirements regarding service continuity
  • It also performs a selectivity analysis of an installation by superimposing the time-current curves (TCC) of its equipment
  • Regional & Technical Scope

    Regions supported: : Europe, Africa, Middle East
    Other regions or countries: case by case

    Languages supported: : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Flemish and Portuguese
    Technical files can be printed in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Flemish, Portuguese, Dutch & Catalan

    Compliance with Standards: NFC 13-200, VDE 276, CEI 60502-2, IEC 60909 & IEC 61363

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