PeopleForce for EcoStruxure™ CPG

Solution to manage production personnel
Published by SYNTHETIS


Staff schedule optimisation for the industry

With addition of personnel in production unit, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage assignment of personnel using traditional methodology - Excel files. To overcome this challenge, Synthetis has developed PeopleForce. This solution makes it possible to carry out personnel planning taking into account many workshop constraints in an exhaustive and objective way.

PeopleForce allows you to automatically create schedules in a few seconds, taking into account the assignment preferences and numerous workshop constraints:
  • Simplify the development of staff schedule
  • Line opening management
  • Employee skills management
  • Comply with legal rules and local constraints
  • Optimisation of split shifts
  • Need for interim staff
  • Technology Partner

    PeopleForce for EcoStruxure™ CPG


    Optimization of Resources

    PeopleForce helps create synergies between workshops through effective sharing of personnel, while leaving the daily management to the team managers.

    Mastering time

    PeopleForce's Allocations help trace hours worked. This associated function allows control of industrial management between forecasted plan and output.


    Regular management of your staff's skills is an asset in optimising flexibility. PeopleForce's rules help adjust the balance between use of skills and maintenance of secondary skills.

    Our clients have noticed

  • >70% Time saving in creation of schedules
  • < 1 year of Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 0 Assignment error
  • >20 Excel files replaced per site
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