PeopleForce for EcoStruxure™ CPG

Solution to manage production personnel
Published by SYNTHETIS


  • Assignment and simulation
  • Allocations and reports
  • Training management module – optional

Assignment and simulation

  • Line opening management
  • Management of the staff availability schedule
  • Manual and automatic assignment of staff to positions
  • Assignment and simulation
    Main functionalities
    • Streamline the construction of schedules
    • Approve leave in a consistent manner
    • Ensure equity and manage hardship to maintain social peace
    • Adjust the degree of versatility to ensure flexibility
    • Control the use of hours
    • Optimise the use of resources through better collaboration
    • Eliminate wasted time

    Allocations and reports

  • Entering the work performed on the basis of the planned assignment
  • Automatic calculation of counters
  • Report creation wizard: allocations, skills, assignments, events etc.
  • Allocations and reports
    Main functionalities
    • Better analysis of staff time spent
    • Traceability of the finished product
    • History of working in strenuous jobs
    • Breakdown of hours by budget item etc.
    • Accuracy of meters
    • Up-to-date skills matrices

    Training management module – optional

  • Structure training plans
  • Plan internal, external or online training
  • Log training courses
  • Main functionalities
    • Ensure the skills of the teams to cover needs
    • Organise training without disrupting production
    • Have a training plan in place quickly and efficiently
    • Effectively share training without wasting time
    • Facilitate the administration of training courses
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