RED25 Ethernet Switch for EcoStruxure™ M580 applications

RED25 customizable, entry-level redundancy switch with / without extended temperature range
Published by BELDEN INC


RED25 - Entry-level switch for EcoStruxure™ M580 applications

RED25 is an ideal choice for those who need a fast Ethernet, entry-level redundancy switch designed specifically for operation in extreme environmental conditions. The features offered with this switch are particularly suited for use in industrial automation applications that require cost-effective, high-end redundancy topologies. RED25 is a great fit for automotive, manufacturing & machine building industries.

Permanent access to systems and machines is an absolute must for profitable business systems. The RED25 family provides maximum productivity and network uptime, thanks to interruption-free data communications. Based on Hirschmann operating system software, RED25 supports several redundancy technologies, while offering a comprehensive range of security features. A comprehensive set of security features also offer all-around network protection.

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RED25 Ethernet Switch for EcoStruxure™ M580 applications



Ideal for entry-level industrial network needs and economical installations, including retrofits.

Flexible for future needs

Various features and port configurations create one of the best values on the market.

Maximum network uptime

Interruption-free data communication supported by various redundancy protocols including HSR and PRP. Other redundancy technologies like RSTP and MRP allow the switches to connect to existing networks and DLR that ensures a recovery time within milliseconds.

Withstand harsh industrial conditions

Built to withstand demanding conditions, including extreme temperatures. These switches can handle a high ambient temperature range of -40°C to +60°C including conformal coating and meet precise time synchronization requirements.
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