PROFIBUS DP/PA - Segment Coupler and Power Supplies

Segment Coupler for PROFIBUS DP/PA
Published by Pepperl+Fuchs SE


Managing Instrumentation with M580, M340 and X80 on Profibus PA

The Segment Coupler connects the PROFIBUS DP network of the Modicon M340, M580 and X80 to PROFIBUS PA field devices using featured couplers like the Segment Protector and the FieldBarrier. The Multi-Input/-Output device is designated for connecting NAMUR contacts and low power solenoid valves to the PROFIBUS PA network.

Pepperl+Fuchs is a market leader for Fieldbus solutions. We are committed working in partnership with Schneider Electric to offer state of the art and fully tested solutions. We understand the demands of the individual markets, developing specific solutions, and integrating them into your processes.
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PROFIBUS DP/PA - Segment Coupler and Power Supplies


PROFIBUS DP/PA Network Design

The architecture described has been fully tested in Schneider Electric’s laboratories in connection with the Modicon M340, M580 and X80 and are fully documented in form of Tested Validated Documented Architecture (TVDA) guides that are designated to help in the implementation of these specified solutions.

Commissioning simplified using the wizard

The Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM) Commissioning Wizard analyzes the segment after installation or maintenance work. Reports from the expert system point to installation issues, which can be resolved immediately. The expert system then evaluates the segment and provides a baseline report and comprehensive system documentation. It also recommends limits, which are stored in the ADM. Verifying cables and nodes only requires a few mouse clicks, reducing system checkout time by more than 80%.

Monitoring in realtime enables targeted action

The expert system continuously compares the baseline to actual values. The ADM communicates summary alarms. The expert system guides the user to possible causes and remedies via actionable information in plain text. The ADM captures snapshots of the physical layer for up to two years. Analysis functions and data exported to the maintenance system enable proactive maintenance strategies to increase overall system availability at a reduced cost.

Troubleshooting: in-depth, accurate and fast

The Diagnostic Manager provides online access to the Advanced Diagnostic Module. This allows live monitoring of the fieldbus physical layer directly from the control room or remotely by an off site professional. The ADM measures and displays network characteristics such as: crosstalk/noise, signal jitter or resonance.
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