Mercury Orchestrator

Protect your OT network and communications with advanced industrial cybersecurity
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Brownfield native OT cybersecurity

This joint solution is designed by embedding Enigmedia Mercury Cybersecurity Products Suite in a Harmony Edge Box from Schneider Electric. The Harmony Edge Box is the preferred security enhanced hardware container for embedding the Mercury Cipher from Enigmedia. Due to its embedded trusted platform module (TPM), the Harmony Edge Box supports the encryption features needed to manage the secret keys. Mercury Cipher is a software-based suite of native ICS cybersecurity products, which is truly hardware-agnostic. Deployment of Mercury cybersecurity products is easy and fast. You don't need to change any existing configuration or IP address. Our ICS Encryption is unique and can encrypt and help protect your data and traffic at Layer 2, adding negligible latency to the existing industrial process with no impact to the communications from PLCs to SCADA. Mercury Orchestrator offers a simple and intuitive panel to configure and manage the Mercury features. It can be deployed on-premise, or cloud.
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Mercury Orchestrator

Mercury Orchestrator Dashboard Example

Remote Maintenance Use Case

Pumping Staion Use Case

EcoStruxure Oumping Performance Advisor Use Case

Generic Uses and Segments

Solution dataflow & architecture


Network protection for legacy infrastructure

Mercury helps infrastructures to adopt IEC-62443, NIS and other cybersecurity standards. Mercury, overcomes OT cybersecurity challenges in an easy, fast, and affordable way. Mercury is deployed with zero-touch provisioning to avoid complex and costly process reengineering.
With Mercury, an attacker cannot get any information from devices connected to the industrial network, minimizing potential threads.

Secure data collection for digital transformation

Extract data and secure your data ownership. Mercury offers LTE (3G/4G) connectivity, so network traffic and production data can be sent to any remote facility (or cloud) for data analytics.

Increase your network monitorization and visibility

Mercury includes an inventory and asset discovery tool as well as intrusion detection capabilities. Events and alerts are sent to SIEM for reaction plan.

Easy-to-deploy and cost-effective

Mercury is easy-to-deploy and cost-effective, protecting legacy industrial networks seamlessly, and avoiding complex and costly process re-engineering.
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