Transform technology costs into business value
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Key Performance One converts technological data into economic and environmental value

Stream leaders in charge of technology architectures, are faced with growing cost diversity requiring great efforts from technical teams to implement transformations. The major roadblock consists in the ability to combine technology with economic value management rules. Achieving economic benefits rely on different skills which need to be manageable by technology experts, as well as understandable and sharable between multidisciplinary stream leaders.

KP-One by ACCIOD, automatically captures, plans and controls the operating costs of technology / digital services. Our solution helps leverage the benefits of your technology investments in time and enables the efficient control and allocation of costs, while avoiding deviations.

The KP-One cloud-based solution uses personalized dashboards to help automate benefit tracking of technology transformation projects, including Return On Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV) and payback, to enable fact based decision making.

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Billing of services consumed

Total Cost of Ownership and price of line of service

Analysis and Drill-Down

Project planning, phases and activities


Predict the growth of technologies

Predict the growth of technological resources to anticipate the cost avoidance and manage technologies supply chain

Enhance the services

Enhance the services for interoperability of the Cloud, IoT / IIoT and Edge Computing to adapt and plan the real use needed by the business lines

Avoid the costs of obsolescence

Avoid the costs of obsolescence by anticipating your technological refresh needs

Productivity & carbon footprint

Increase the productivity of your technologies to reduce your carbon footprint

Product Attributes

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