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  • Project Planning
  • What-if scenario
  • Benefit tracking
  • Technology resources allocation
  • Analysis


KP-One enables technology managers to optimize investments:
Technology expense deviations
  • Once a technology expense perimeter is under control, KP-One provides technical managers with budgeting and expense deviations features to quickly uncover the root cause.
Business service costing and pricing
  • KP-One helps technical managers ensure final business services remain competitive over time with continuous costing and pricing.
Transformation projects benefit tracking
  • When technology projects are at stake, KP-One records project expense actuals and compares it with forecast to help technical managers ensure they remain aligned with expectations.
Transformation projects ROI
  • Since transformation projects may significantly impact the IT budget, KP-One offers the ability for technical manager to compute project ROI and make informed decisions.
Technology cost capture
  • KP-One considers all flavors of technologies and associated expenses from existing data source like P/O tools, detailed Bill Of Material (BOM) or even Excel files, allowing instant analysis against diverse dimensions (technology and cost types, locations, cost centers and more).

Project Planning

KP-One relies on a metamodel of data, coupled to a rules engine, that measures the productivity of the milestones and related activities. This allows, after the modeling of the projects, to measure at any moment the productivity and the impact on the operations, both delivered and those in the pipe line. This helps prevents any drift in a parallelized and synchronized management. KP-One takes into account all types of projects you are dealing with:

  • Transformation (Design, Build & Run) e.g. relocation and consolidation "Green Field" Data Center anticipate costs to avoid and plan technological refreshments
  • Technical and / or functional migration e.g. Move to Cloud, IIoT and/ or Edge Computing,
  • Customer environment transition and multi-vendor management (MSI)
  • Perimeter extension e.g. integration and synergies for external growth activities
  • Carve Out project perimeter reduction, identified residual values and costs to avoid, automatic target simulation
  • Evolve Perimeter e.g. anticipate on the cost drivers related to the commissioning of Capex/ Opex systems and valuation of fixed assets
  • Beyond the standard activities of a project, KP-One allows the effective management of two important activities:

  • Automated decommissioning activity to control and stop use and payment of initial resources out of the run perimeter
  • Depreciation activity to plan the depreciation of investments related to projects (Capex / Opex)
  • The multi-year dimension helps keep under control the impact of a project on the operations run, whatever the duration. The nature of the Capex and Opex is well valued and segregated.

    Project Planning

    What-if scenario

    Simulate your projects. Adjust your investments according to your constraints. A question of cost ? A matter of time? Simulate your projects with your economic target and compare them, to adjust your planning based on investment needs.

    What-if scenario

    Benefit tracking

    Usually, technology projects focus on better productivity (or performance) of business activities. In addition to monitoring the successful completion of projects in terms of time and cost, KP-One accompanies the adjustment of the cost. KP-One's benefit tracking ensures a follow-up of the achievement of the objective, while controlling any cost-related deviations. So your project ROI is under your control. Master the necessary investment by directly following the impact of the project .

    Benefit tracking

    Technology resources allocation

    KP-One allocates technological resources to their use. In one click, control the application of resources by directly accessing the drill down reports available in the "Analysis Function".

    Technology resources allocation


    KP-One is a fully integrated solution with an analysis function. It gives unlimited access to control all technological expense objects, and correlates them with what you need to analyze and understand :

  • Organizational / geographical view
  • Technical view
  • Financial view
  • Capex/ Opex cost driver
  • Application view
  • Provider
  • Forecast and planning view
  • Analysis and multi-year monitoring, operational resources, projects, simulated, variances, ROI, payback, NPV and many others.

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