eNod4-F Loss-In-Weight Application for EcoStruxure™

Application for steady and accurate material feeding
Published by SCAIME SAS


Loss-In-Weight feeding application with eNod4-F

SCAIME, Technology partner of Schneider Electric for weighing applications, is able to provide easy to integrate weighing solutions for EcoStruxure™ Control Expert and EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert. eNod4-F is a powerful and scalable weighing controller suitable for continuous weight totalization and flow rate control applications.

eNod4-F continuously regulates flow by weight loss to accurately maintain the target flow value. eNod4-F offers advanced interfaces and functionalities to build a complete loss-in-weight gravimetric feeder.

eNod4-F offers CANOpen, Modbus-TCP or Ethernet/IP communication insuring perfect connectivity with Modicon PLCs

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eNod4-F Loss-In-Weight Application for EcoStruxure™

eNod4 range overview

eNod4-F weighing controller with Loss-in-weight application


Save integration time

Full configuration and weighing operations can be managed with EcoStruxure™ Control Expert and EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert through network connectivity.

Quick commissioning

Automatic adjustment of Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) parameters by self-learning technology.

Increased feeding process efficiency

eNod4 high accuracy of weight totalization and flow rate control allows to enhance continuous feeding process monitoring for steady production.

Higher production quality

eNod4 high performance Loss-in-weight dosing application is an essential tool for continuous high accuracy feeding processes and obtaining a consistent product quality.

Enhanced overall equipment effectiveness

eNod4 fully integrated into EcoStruxure™ architecture allows real-time monitoring of the continuous feeding process, providing valuable indications of process variations which leads to unexpected downtime events.

Scalable continuous solution

Versatile eNod4 remote or local access by web server, by smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity, by eNodView PC software or by eNodTouch HMI.

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