eNod4-F Loss-In-Weight Application for EcoStruxure™

Application for steady and accurate material feeding
Published by SCAIME SAS


  • eNod4 connectivity
  • eNod4-F continuous feeding functions
  • eNodView PC software
  • eNodApp mobile application
  • Solutions - Connected product layer
  • Solutions - Edge control layer
  • Solutions - Apps, analytics, & services

eNod4 connectivity

The enNod4 weighing controllers are designed to be integrated into automated systems ensuring connectivity with Schneider Electric PLCs.
  • Industrial network link: CANopen®, Modbus-RTU, PROFIBUS-DP, Modbus-TCP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET or EtherCAT®
  • Web server for EtherNet versions
  • USB link with eNodView PC software
  • Optional touchscreen eNodTouch
  • Optional Bluetooth with Android App
eNod4 connectivity

eNod4-F continuous feeding functions

eNod4-F offers complete functionalities of material flow totalisation and regulation dedicated to loss-in-weight feeder.
  • Management of target flow and target totals
  • Flow regulation by Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller
  • Function of automatic adjustment of PID parameters by self-learning
  • Automatic management of alternating gravimetric dosing phases and refilling phases
  • Management of dosing process with digital Inputs and outputs
eNod4-F continuous feeding functions

eNodView PC software

eNodView is the software for eNod’s calibration and programming.
eNodView functions
  • Save and restore eNod4 configuration files
  • Setting, calibration and eNod4-F control
  • Measurements, results and I/O graphical display
  • Digital filters optimization by FFT analysis and eNod4 filter effect simulation
  • Adjustment of PID parameters and setting the Loss-In-Weight application
eNodView PC software

eNodApp mobile application

eNodApp allows remote control of eNod4 weighing systems installed in environments that are difficult to access. The application offers a secure interface to perform all common weighing operations or maintenance operations.
  • Read and write configuration parameters
  • Measurements, results and I/O display
  • Weighing chain calibration
  • Control of eNod4-F loss-in-weight application
eNodApp mobile application

Solutions - Connected product layer

eNod4 is a high performance weighing controller specially designed for easy and fast integration in automated system thanks to fieldbus or Ethernet connectivity. eNod4 is a single chanel weighing module able to manage up to 8 load cells. It is designed for most demanding weighing applications in terms of accuracy and speed. eNod4 includes advanced application for calibration, digital filtering for vibration cancellation and weighing functions like Zero, Tare and mesurement stability control. eNod4-F allows to build a loss-in weight differential dosing system. It calculates the flow rate, totals the weight continuously, takes care of the flow rate regulation and the tank refilling.

Solutions - Edge control layer

eNod4 offers a perfect connectivity with Modicon PLCs throught CANopen, Modbus-TCP or Ethernet/IP networks. All the configuration parameters, the process data and weighing functions are accessible from EcoStruxure Machine Expert and Ecostruxure Control Expert. To implement and optimize the weighing application, SCAIME offers the software eNodView allowing to display measurements, display and adjust the digital filters effect, make the application setting.

Solutions - Apps, analytics, & services

SCAIME provides several software tools to implement and optimize the weighing application. eNodView is a PC software allowing to display measurements, adjust the digital filters, make the application setting and save the configuration. The application eNodApp, accessible from any Android smartphone or tablet, allows to control the weighing system, without physically accessing eNod4 or interrupting communication with the control system. The application offers a secure interface for configuring the system, carrying out weighing processes, or conducting maintenance operations such as calibration. eNod4 with Ethernet connectivity also offers a webserver allowing full eNod4 remote control, Read & write parameters, calibrate the weighing system and display all the measurements.
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