PME SWT Weighing Module for EcoStruxure™ M580

High performance & integrated weighing application for M580
Published by SCAIME SAS


Weighing application for M580 with PMESWT

SCAIME, Technology partner of Schneider Electric for weighing applications, offers a weighing module for the M580 PLC range. The PME SWT is a single channel plug-in weighing module, dedicated to the M580 PLC and x80 RIO Ethernet backplane.

PME SWT offers high weighing performances and can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is intended for industries requiring a high level of measurement accuracy, such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical. Furthermore, PME SWT is suitable for use in explosive atmosphere.

The PME SWT weighing module is fully integrated into the Schneider Electric M580 ePAC and EcoStruxure™ Control Expert. The PMESWTweighing module and Scaime R10x load cells ensure accurate weighing and communicate weight measurement through the EcoStruxure™ PLC M580 backplane.

Technology Partner

PME SWT Weighing Module for EcoStruxure™ M580

DTM for SCAIME PME SWT weighing module



Plug & weight

Direct integration inside EcoStruxure™ Control Expert via Device Type Manager (DTM)

Robust and secure

Based on Ethernet backplane communication. Module validated by Schneider Electric

On the Fly features

Hot swap capability, change or add a module while running

Smooth migration

From Premium ISP-Y101 weighing module

Product Attributes

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