Smart Connector - SMS Notification

Extension allowing SMS notifications to be sent from EcoStruxure™ Building Operations
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Polled Deployment Highlights
  • SMTP Relay Highlights

Polled Deployment Highlights

The Teltonika SMS alarms integration means remote sites, or sites without internet access, can send alarms to the relevant person, via SMS messages. The SmartConnector polls EcoStruxure™ Building Operation for current alarm states and will send out any alarm transitioning to "Active" or "Reset". The alarms can be narrowed down to specific priority alarms,or ranges, in the configuration of the extension. The user can acknowledge alarms via text message, using the unique ID sent in the alarm SMS. The destination of the alarms is handled via a single string point using single, or multiple, mobile numbers, which can be written manually or programmatically.

SMTP Relay Highlights

The integration acts as a SMTP email relay and SMS sender. EcoStruxure™ Building Operation has the built in feature of alarms to email, based on user profile and schedules. The resulting email is received by the connector and then sent out via the Teltonika SMS modem. The email can then be forwarded to the destination SMTP server for the email to be sent. The mobile number can be placed in brackets in front of the recipient email address, in order to get ignored by the actual email server.

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