Smart Connector - SMS Notification

Extension allowing SMS notifications to be sent from EcoStruxure™ Building Operations
Published by Schneider Electric


SMS Notification
A simple SMS Alarm sending interface that connects EcoStruxure™ Building Operation, with a Teltonika SMS modem, and sends alarms in an on-premise solution.

Smart Connector - SMS Notification


Alarm Polling
Available in a version which monitors existing alarm configurations by polling an EWS interface for new alarms, which are then sent to the modem for distribution.
SMTP Relay
Available in a version which acts as an SMTP relay server. This option accepts email alarms from EcoStruxure™ Building Operation to be sent over either email, SMS or both.
Alarm Acknowledgement
Alarms sent with a unique ID, enabling remote acknowledgement by replying to notification message.
No connection or maintenance to 3rd party systems required. All alarms are generated on premise and distributed by the local GSM modem. (Requires SIM card with active credit balance - not included)