Smart Connector - HotSOS - Amadeus Hospitality

Extension allowing connection between HotSOS - Amadeus Hospitality and EcoStruxure™ solutions
Published by Schneider Electric


HotSOS - Amadeus Hospitality

The HotSOS to EcoStruxure™ Integration allows control and monitoring of hotel rooms from the HotSOS System within the EcoStruxure™ range of software products.

The Integration allows for monitoring of DND, MUR and GIR Flags
The EcoStruxure™ product can write to DND, MUR, GIT, as well as raise service orders for a specified

  • The EcoStruxure™ product should support version 1.2 of the EWS interface.
  • SmartConnector 2.4.17 onwards is required to run the Integration.
  • SmartConnector should be run on a server local to the EcoStruxure™ product.
  • Smart Connector - HotSOS - Amadeus Hospitality

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