Automated Performance Modeling for Early Stage Design
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Automated Performance Modeling for Early Stage Design

The cove.tool SaaS solution is redefining energy modeling and parametric optimization by building smarter, more accurate models, fast. Using automation for tedious tasks cuts time and cost, leaving the creative part to you. We learn everything about your project’s sustainability goals so the custom cove.tool results can help you meet your targets. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a professional energy model and report for your project.
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Get an Accurate Energy Model, Fast

Instead of relying on experience or prior projects, run hundreds of full building, heat balance simulations to unlock millions of dollars in savings. Our interactive graph lets you see the whole picture with true optimization.

Understand the Climate and Share Results

Understand how climate will impact your building, and how to best leverage passive strategies. Once all the passive strategies have been explored, move into the world of active and renewable optimization.

Update your Model as the Design Changes

We all know that the design of a building is constantly changing, especially during the early phases. Update your automated cove.tool energy model as your design changes to keep track of the building performance with each design decision.
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