Automated Performance Modeling for Early Stage Design
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Our SaaS solution brings an automated platform to provide architects, engineers and contractors the fastest, most cost-effective way to make buildings compliant with energy efficiency requirements.
Easy Geometry Import
  • Let’s face it, importing geometry into energy modeling tools is really annoying. We don’t make you remodel the building! Even if it is messy, we will take it! Use our robust plugins for Revit and Rhino/Grasshopper.
Automated Energy Codes
  • We went through every code in the United States and Canada from Title 24 to ASHRAE 90.1 to NECB. Not only do we validate the inputs so you don’t have to, we also went over everything and applied engineering best practice!
  • Instead of relying on experience or prior projects, run hundreds of full building, heat balance simulations to unlock millions of dollars in savings. Our interactive graph lets you see the whole picture with true optimization.
Team Integration
  • You can extend your floating license to invite your team members to collaborate with you on your project.
Validated Results
  • Every input behind the scenes is validated using the ASHRAE 140 methodology.
  • You can instantly get your preliminary LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points for the EAc2 credit.
Save money
  • Use cost optimization to unlock millions of dollars in the project.
Share results easily
  • Use the interactive results tab to aid in decision making and share a custom made PDF reports with clients.
Revit Plugin
  • Work with your existing model and import geometry to get rapid feedback as the design progress
Rhino/Grasshopper Plugin
  • Use an energy model connection that keeps pace with the parametric workflow.
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