Smart Connector - Oracle OPERA PMS Integration

Extension Enabling Communication between Oracle OPERA and EcoStruxure™ solutions
Published by Schneider Electric


Oracle OPERA PMS Integration

A Smart Connector PMS system interface that enables communication between Oracle OPERA (FIAS Protocol) booking system applications with EcoStruxure™ Platform. Based on OPERA, the leading enterprise solution suite for the hospitality industry.

Smart Connector - Oracle OPERA PMS Integration

EBO Integration


Guest Arrival

Each room in the PMS is represented in the EWS model of the PMS. PMS attributes configured in the interface may be used to implement custom sequences. A multi state value indicates the number of persons checked into a room.

Guest Language

Using the language defined in the PMS for the checked-in guest, localization of the SE8000 Room Controller can enable the device to be set-up for the guests language preferences to optimise guest satisfaction.

Guest Departure Date

With knowledge of when the room is unoccupied or unrented, energy savings can be optimised by putting the room into a setback mode or energy savings control.

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