Intesis ST Cloud Control Gateway for EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

ST Cloud Control gateway enabling remote access and control of building assets into EcoStruxure™ Building Operation
Published by HMS Networks GmbH


Enabling remote access and control of building assets

Access to any building type has become critical, not just through robust building automation solutions installed in new constructions, but any other building type, small or medium size, domestic or commercial, new or retrofit. The aim is to communicate with any type of field devices, to control and monitor them in real time to provide better user comfort while improving the efficiency both for the service the building itself provides, but to the energy consumption as well.

Intesis ST Cloud Control by HMS Networks is a cloud-based solution designed to offer remote monitoring and control of buildings where remote access can be critical, including small structures such as cell tower base stations, or medium-sized buildings like community centers, schools, stores, or any other buildings that are often not monitored due to their small size or location.

The system helps users achieve their sustainability targets by reducing greenhouse emissions in all types of buildings regardless of their size. ST Cloud Control leverages remote access to drive flat architectures, eliminating the need for BMS or VPN connections, and reducing the cost of implementation. The solution is designed to harmonize different manufacturers' devices and integrate them into a larger cloud environment.

Technology Partner

Intesis ST Cloud Control Gateway for EcoStruxure™ Building Operation


ST Cloud Control gateway

Enables remote access to Schneider Electric connected products and remote control of building assets into EcoStruxure™ Building Operation.

Multi-site installations

Allows control of building assets from any manufacturer, on multi-site installations, all using one common dashboard accessible from the app or web.

Remote Access

Remote access to Schneider Electric devices, reducing downtime, travel expenses and critical devices monitoring independently of the location, as long as the operator can use their mobile phone or a web browser.

Product Attributes

Schneider Electric Certification
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