Intesis 700 Series Air Conditioner gateway for EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

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New 700 Series Air, common platform for HVAC integration

There are a lot of AC brands and models that require integration into building automation. They use their own proprietary protocols and are often unreachable from the Building Management System (BMS). Therefore, an HVAC interface is needed to enable full control.

Intesis is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and commercializing innovative solutions for systems integration. Among these solutions, it provides the 700 Series Air.

This solution enables multiple HVAC brands and building automation protocols in the same hardware so the user can pair the combination using the Intesis MAPS configuration tool. The process is called late configuration.
It brings all variables from any HVAC system into the BMS including energy efficiency functions by calculating the individual consumption of each indoor unit.

More than 2,500 AC indoor unit models can be interfaced for HVAC integration into EcoStruxure™ Building Operation.

The HVAC system consumes around 40% of the total energy from buildings, and controlling them becomes a key factor in reducing energy consumption and increasing the user’s comfort.

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Intesis 700 Series Air Conditioner gateway for EcoStruxure™ Building Operation


Energy Efficient

  • The energy consumption data from each indoor unit is available.
  • High capacity, up to 128 indoor units depending on the model.

Easy to configure and manage

  • Easy to set up with Intesis MAPS.
  • Multiple indoor unit control with direct access to the outdoor unit bus.

Ready to be sold worldwide

  • International and local certifications are available.


  • Multiple protocol combinations for each hardware.

Robust and Reliable

  • Gateways solutions developed with the support and collaboration of the HVAC makers.

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