testo Saveris 3 for EcoStruxure™ Integrated Management Platform

A digital solution to increase operational efficiency and energy savings while ensuring food safety.
Published by Testo SE & Co. KGaA


Empowering Energy Efficiency through combined Solutions

Experience the future of energy efficiency and sustainability compliance with Schneider Electric and Testo – a combined expertise to create better operational efficiency and energy savings while remaining in compliance with food safety policies.

The combination of testo Saveris 3 and EcoStruxure™ Integrated Management Platform offers a complete Energy & Food Safety IoT Solution by:

  • Unifying expertise in electrical safety and food safety to enhance sustainability and traceability
  • Boosting operational efficiency across all levels: technical and kitchen processes
  • Providing effortless integrated solutions to foster your daily tasks
  • Promoting interoperability and strengthening internal collaboration

Discover the seamlessly working, digitally networked and HACCP-certified system with perfectly coordinated hardware, software, and services for uninterrupted compliance.

Paper-based documentation and manual work are quality risks, and cost time and money. Our answer is testo Saveris Food. It allows you to noticeably increase your quality, meet your compliance more efficiently – and have the certainty of being able to look forward to future challenges with confidence. Our digital complete solution supports you perfectly in the implementation of your HACCP concept and the requirements relevant to you: Benefit from easily implemented measurement processes with high reliability. All recorded data are directly and quickly available and can be analyzed in the central quality management.

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testo Saveris 3 for EcoStruxure™ Integrated Management Platform


Seamlessly integrated

A seamlessly integrated, HACCP-certified system with perfectly coordinated hardware, software and services for uninterrupted compliance.

Save time & money

Save time and make life easier for your employees with simple and automated processes.

Exception based management

Manage exceptions rather than paperwork and reduce time spent on audits.

Increase digital food safety & sustainability

Support food safety while optimizing processes and energy consumption.

Increased sustainability & traceability

This partnership will help to increase efficiency and decrease cost by optimizing cooling and freezing applications. It will also bring more transparency by increasing visibility across multiple sites, making it easier for leaders to make decisions and act.

A more holistic view

Real-time and trending data of energy consumption, food safety compliance, and electrical asset health will support the improvement of processes, equipment settings, direct training, and maintenance resources to increase performance.

Improved operational efficiency

This partnership will provide live data from restaurant operations and provide a central view on kitchen operations and equipment supporting food safety, efficiency and energy. By providing seamlessly integrated solutions that automate tasks to simplify daily operations, as well as all data available on one unique digital platform, customers will receive the benefit of increased operational efficiency at all levels of the organization.

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