testo Saveris 3 for EcoStruxure™ Integrated Management Platform

A digital solution to increase operational efficiency and energy savings while ensuring food safety.
Published by Testo SE & Co. KGaA


  • testo Saveris 3 for EcoStruxure
  • Control unit
  • Online data loggers
  • Multifunction handle with probe set
  • Food solutions app
  • Data analytics
  • Service
  • testo Saveris Food
  • About Testo

testo Saveris 3 for EcoStruxure

  • Parallel RTS data view of the Saveris DFSM in the Ecostruxue dashboard.
  • Identifying and exploiting energy-saving potentials in compliance with food safety.
  • Direct information of energy consumption of the equipment.
  • Equipment-related energy savings.
  • Recommendations for actions, that are derived from the data analysis.
testo Saveris 3 for EcoStruxure

Control unit

The Control Unit guides you intuitively through all quality controls and corrective actions. In case of deviation, you will receive a real-time alarm directly on the instrument.

  • Perfect for the kitchen: food safe, robust, washable and watertight
  • Assurance of long-term compatibility with all Testo solution components
  • Efficient authentication and fast call-up of checks by NFC
  • Individually configurable user rights for working with the control unit
  • Control unit

    Online data loggers

    Online data logger for stationary temperature monitoring:

  • Monitor air temperature without interruption
  • Door contact for the monitoring of refrigerated rooms
  • Continuous simulation of the product temperature
  • Direct alarms in cases of limit value violations via the control unit, by e-mail and/or SMS
  • Online data loggers

    Multifunction handle with probe set

    6 in 1 thanks to exchangeable probes

  • Measure core temperature with either robust or thin measurement tip
  • Check surface temperature
  • Determine cooking oil quality
  • Measure air temperature
  • Digital measurement value integration with TC adapter
  • Multifunction handle with probe set

    Food solutions app

    Fully comprehensive App for digital recording and documentation of operational measurement and control tasks.

    Food Solutions Web Cockpit
    • The individually configurable Web Cockpit for the creation of quality processes and analysis of collected data.
    Food solutions app

    Data analytics

    Individual predictive analytics provide you with the KPI’s you need for the right management decisions in all hierarchy levels. To increase your food safety level, save time and money and make the life of your employees easier.
    Data analytics


  • Inspection and planning of your project
  • Digitalization of your quality processes
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Calibration on site or in our laboratories
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Temperature mapping for food storage
  • Individual training concepts
  • Service

    testo Saveris Food

    The digital quality management solution optimally supports you in implementing your HACCP concept and the requirements relevant to you. Benefit from easy-to-implement measurement processes with high reliability. All recorded data is directly and quickly available and can be analyzed in the central quality management. This means that you always have an overview of the quality at your sites.
    testo Saveris Food

    About Testo

    For over 60 years, Testo has been known for creating innovative measuring solutions made in Germany. As a world market leader in portable and stationary measuring technology, we support our customers in saving time and resources, in protecting the environment and human health and in increasing the quality of goods and services. More than 3000 employees work in 34 subsidiaries for more than 1 million customers all over the world to develop high-precision measuring instruments and innovative solutions for tomorrow’s measurement data management.

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