Your IoT Device with IoT Explorer - ONLY 10-MINUTE INSTALL

IoT Explorer is a quick way to set up and connect your IoT devices (Xserver.IoT) to Cloud (Azure, Google, IBM or other system) and On-Premise (local SQL server) applications.

It comes preloaded with templates and quite easy to integrate your data, creating dashboards. Simple connectivity configuration like Cloud settings, Device Twin or SQL server connection can be created within a short interval of time.
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IoT Explorer

Quick view - Real-time, Alarm & Historical

System overview - Diagnostics

IoT Explorer - Main Screen

IoT Explorer - Template devices

IoT Explorer - Connectivity


Simple, time-saving and user-friendly

IoT Explorer makes it easy to configure IoT devices locally and through Microsoft Azure (or other cloud system)

System overview

Easy and fast real-time cloud monitoring, alarm management and advanced diagnostics tools

Easy to integrate into your EcoStruxure system or your corporate system

Easy to integrate your data from Meters (PM3000 series, PM 5000 series, PM8000 series, etc.), Sensors, PLCs (M221, M241, etc.), Inverters, Heat pumps, EV charges and other devices to Cloud and On-Premise (local SQL server) applications
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