Machine Access Box for EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor

VPN industrial router embedding IIOT gateway capabilities
Published by ETIC TELECOM


VPN industrial router embedding IIOT gateway capabilities

The digital transition of factories (Industry 4.0) requires the implementation of secure communication solutions allowing remote access to the machine network from a PC, a tablet PC or a smartphone.

The Machine Access Box named RAS allows you to secure access to industrial data on your machine network. This remote connection for maintenance or monitoring can be done from every spot on the planet providing that you have access to the Internet.

It's IIOT gateway functions also allow the collection of data from the industrial process and their display via the EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor solution.The RAS versatile IIOT Gateway can also collect data from Schneider's PLCs using ModBUS or OPCUA protocols. This data is sent to the Cloud for further processing by the EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor solution. This data can also trigger an alert sent by SMS or e-mail enabling the monitoring team to take in real time the required action plan.
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Machine Access Box for EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor


Tailor made maintenance without travelling

  • RAS Machine Access Box allows you to build a tailor-made remote maintenance offer by configuring different access rights according to the users.
  • The remote operator can thus access the heart of the machine in order to carry out a maintenance operation, while the manager of a production unit can access the HMI set up by Schneider in order to remotely supervise his industrial process.
  • Compatibility with the EcoStruxureTM Machine Advisor

  • The RAS machine access box is also an IIOT gateway that allows the collection of industrial data and their display in real time in the Cloud.
  • This value-added service allows alarm triggering, predictive maintenance and also simple monitoring from the Cloud.
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