Zero Downtime with ztC Edge using EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

High-Performance Servers for Buildings
Published by Stratus Technologies


Solution guide for high available configuration with ztC Edge with EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

This application note provides the guide to deploy Schneider Electric Building Management Systems in a highly available (HA) configuration. EcoStruxure™ Building Operation is our BMS solution.

An HA deployment ensures that the system’s database servers continue functioning during a server loss via ztC’s redundant server technology. By operating Schneider Electric Building Management System software on this Stratus platform, the applications and their data are automatically protected, and services remain accessible in the event of a node failure.

Integrating Schneider Electric Building Management Systems with Stratus ztC Edge protects customers from the downtime and data loss associated with server failure.

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Zero Downtime with ztC Edge using EcoStruxure™ Building Operation


Transparent system redundancy

System redundancy is transparent to end-users; failover does not interfere with users’ ability to monitor and control building parameters.

Automatic backup

Failover to backup node occurs automatically with no loss of building management data.

Automatic restoration of system redundancy

System redundancy is restored automatically when recovery from power or network loss occurs, or replacement components are brought online.

BMS software applications

The steps required to install and configure BMS software applications on this system are no different than those required for supported off-the-shelf Windows and Linux systems.

Class I Division 2 Certification

Industrial Grade – For software installed at the Edge, the Stratus ztC Edge is Class I Division 2 certified, uses a fan-less design that can be wall or DIN rail mounted inside control panel, rated at –40 to 60 deg C, 10 to 95 % humidity, with 5-500 Hz vibration.

Built in virtualization

ztC Edge ships with its own operating environment called Stratus Redundant Linux. It contains a virtualization host that supports both Windows and Linux guest operating systems, and OVF files and OVA images, including third-party templates.

Simplified security

ztC Edge is designed to help OT more easily secure their Edge Computing environment. A host-based firewall, restricted USB ports, role-based access controls with Active Directory integration, secure communications protocols, and secure and trusted boot, all work together to minimize your security exposure.

Industrial interoperability

ztC Edge supports common OT and IT protocols, making integration into existing industrial automation environments easier. SNMP requests and traps can be used to configure notifications and alarms. Customers can use OPC UA attributes, or a REST API, to present relevant system data within most third-party systems management tools and dashboards.
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