PowerChute Network Shutdown for Hyperconverged and Virtual Infrastructure

Power Protection Software for Hyperconverged and Virtual Infrastructure
Published by Schneider Electric


A Total Infrastructure Solution for Edge And Hyperconverged IT

PowerChute™ Network Shutdown seamlessly integrates with various Virtualization and HCI environments by communicating over the network with your UPS.

In the event of a power outage, PowerChute can gracefully shut down your clusters.

Once you purchase your licenses, you can download the latest version of PowerChute (v5.0 or above) software here and unlock using your Activation ID.

Note: Currently Dell VxRail configuration is supported only with APC Smart-UPS or Dell branded UPS with pre-installed or integrated NMC or with Network Management Card 3 (Smart-UPS Firmware v2.2 or above).

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PowerChute Network Shutdown for Hyperconverged and Virtual Infrastructure

Virtualization Settings

VM Prioritization

Communication settings

Event Configuration

Host Protection


Protect Data & Prevent Data Loss

PowerChute provides data security and resiliency during prolonged power disturbances.

Minimize Downtime

An unattended start-up ensures uptime immediately when power conditions are restored.

Configurable Actions on Critical Events

Automated Workload migration or cluster shutdown in response to critical events.

Secure Interface

Hardened security with latest updates in PKI support across the interfaces.

Intuitive Deployment

Simplified deployment using the unique and intuitive PowerChute step-by-step Setup Wizard.
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