EcoStruxure™ Power Commission

Test and commission your circuit breaker panels with ease
Published by Schneider Electric


Device Commissioning for smart devices made simple

EcoStruxure™ Power Commission (formerly known as Ecoreach) is a configuration software that enables you to setup systems and test connected products in electrical panels and switchboards with efficiency and ease.

EcoStruxure™ Power Commission’s easy to use interface helps you execute Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and reporting with ease. It also allows you to generate a dedicated QR code for the electrical panel to enable digital collaboration with contractors and facility managers by sharing important documentation and initiating maintenance plans through the digital logbook functionality in EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert.

Some key features that you will possess are

Offline Configuration: Adjust settings without connection to the devices through offline configuration feature.
Batch Operations: Use batch operations features to speed up settings configuration – for several devices at the same time.

EcoStruxure™ Power Commission


Reliable Factory Acceptance Tests

Thanks to test automation, critical tests are carried out and documented without errors.

Save time on commissioning

Multiple features of the software helps to facilitate or automatize repetitive tests and documentation tasks, which saves a lot of time.

Facilitate collaboration with Facility Manager

The unique features of EcoStruxure™ Power Commission enable seamless transfer of information from your teams to the next stakeholders in the project.
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