$298/Three Years


More than a monitor, an air quality safety system

Worried about the air quality in schools? Meo mini's monitoring and software solution helps you create safe, healthy and productive spaces.

It ensures air safety in the premises, with alerts as soon as problems arise, and dedicated advice to remediate. You can then communicate and reassure staff, students and parents on air quality for any time since the installation of the monitors.

“meo mini” is specially designed with dashboards to objectively reduce risks :

  • Get alerts as soon as air quality presents a health risk
  • Ventilate and see your action give immediate results
  • Access historic data to understand periodic patterns
  • Reassure stakeholders on the air safety of the premises
  • meo mini


    Create a measurably safer space

    Meo mini immediately alerts you to any ventilation issues in your space and guides you to solve the issue with simple cost-effective recommendations.

    Communicate on wellness and sustainability

    Reassure teachers and parents about the quality of your air with visual dashboards. Obtain information on your wellness, productivity and sustainability actions for internal measurement and communications.

    Easy to install

    It is easy to install, cyber-secure and the purchase of the monitor includes a 3 year data plan (sim card with data included) with wide access to air analytics.
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