UDC Software for EcoStruxure™ Discrete and Automotive

Machine failure diagnosis and cycle monitoring
Published by PROSYST


Performance signature monitoring and failure root cause diagnosis

Machine cycle performance and reliability are one of the biggest causes of lost productivity. The main challenges are how to optimize machine cycles during production ramp-up, to maintain the expected production rate and to reduce the time to diagnose machine failure.

Prosyst and Schneider Electric developed an EcoStruxure™ Plant joint solution to unify machine data collection, monitor performance and facilitate the failure diagnosis. This co-development led to the development of a gateway for connected products - UDC on EcoStruxure™ Harmony Edge Box. The protocol stack and software resources contained in OPC UA allow the data models to be encapsulated to route complete sets of information to a storage tank. The solution provides

  • Unify and standardize asset data acquisition
  • Accelerate commissioning and debug
  • Reduce ramp-up phase for machine cycle time optimization
  • Trace machine deviation
  • Identify underperforming assets
  • Reduce mean time to repair
  • Technology Partner

    UDC Software for EcoStruxure™ Discrete and Automotive


    Facilitates the study of behavior of installation

  • Helps to adjust and improve the machine cycle
  • Create a functional signature for the machine recipe
  • Study or diagnose any drift or divergence
  • Cycle time analysis and optimization of machine cycles

  • Comparison with reference machine cycles
  • Permit cycle time comparison and root causes analysis of deviation
  • Data integration

    Enable a unified & standardized way to collect data from various assets in OPC UA model for client application or cloud industrial data lake.

    Automatic machine failure recording

    Allows to diagnose and debug operational hazards, transient faults, micro stops.

    Establish a monitoring plan of machine deviations

    Rate of production KPI’s measurement and monitoring.

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