EcoStruxure IT Advisor CFD

Cloud-Based Data Center CFD Design Software
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Easy Access
  • Easy Model Creation
  • Context Awareness
  • Fast and Robust Analysis
  • Accuracy
  • Cooling Check
  • Simple Visualization Tools

Easy Access

EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD runs entirely in your web browser. Nothing is installed locally, updates are automatic and continuous, and no special hardware is required.

Easy Model Creation

Start a room model from scratch or use one of the many Reference Models as a starting point. Pre-configured models of common data center equipment include all required physics; they can be “stamped” into position and duplicated as desired. Equipment is intuitively placed on the white space floor.

The computational grid and other CFD settings are entirely automatically and instantaneously.
Easy Model Creation

Context Awareness

Traditional CFD tools require you to specify flow and heat-transfer boundary conditions. EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD allows you to place smart equipment models just as you would in the real data center.
Context Awareness

Fast and Robust Analysis

EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD’s solver is efficiently parallelized and runs on high-end graphical processing units (GPUs) in the cloud. EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD is incredibly fast – allowing you to analyze even large data centers in seconds. It is also very robust thanks to its automatic (optimized) grid cell generation and inherently-transient solution method.
Fast and Robust Analysis


EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD solves the full physics of the Navier-Stokes Equations.

However, EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD is even more accurate than most CFD tools for practical applications because its smart models “comprehend” data-center physics like airflow leakage through racks, complexities of airflow through perforated tiles, flow resistance due to stanchions in the raised-floor plenum, etc. EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD is designed to ensure that novice and expert users get the same high-quality results.

Cooling Check

EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD’s unique Cooling Check assesses cooling performance (with a graphical indication on the top of each rack) based on maximum IT Rack inlet temperature and rack airflow patterns. The former includes internal-rack recirculation and pressure-drive leakage. The latter is based on context. For example, EcoStruxure™ IT Advisor CFD warns you if insufficient IT airflow is captured by the specific type of containment you have specified.

The Cooling Check allows you to find hotspots and diagnose airflow-distribution issues in seconds.
Cooling Check

Simple Visualization Tools

Internal-rack airflow details and Capture Indices (which quantify the effectiveness of the cooling architecture in delivering cool air to the rack inlet and scavenging warm air from the rack exhaust) are shown for each rack.

Temperature, pressure, speed, and velocity vectors can be displayed over any 2D slice and you can probe to see values of any variable at any point in the room. Raised-floor and dropped-ceiling tiles can be colored by airflow rate.
Simple Visualization Tools
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