SCADAPack x70 Extensions Library for RemoteConnect

Additional function blocks for RemoteConnect
Published by Schneider Electric


SCADAPack x70 Extensions Library

A downloadable library of eighteen Derived Function Blocks (DFBs) designed for applications using SCADAPack x70 controllers. After installation, the DFBs may be used in any RemoteConnect logic program.

A complete list of DFBs in this library is found in the downloadable file, on the Features tab and in the "...Installation and Release Notes V2.3" document.

Please note that the DFBs installed with this library are intended to demonstrate one or more programming functions or methods and are presented as examples only. Schneider Electric assumes no liability for the use or application of these DFBs or any portion thereof.

SHA256 Download checksum available on Resources tab.
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SCADAPack x70 Extensions Library for RemoteConnect

RemoteConnect Ladder Logic - Example

RemoteConnect SCADAPack x70 Configuration - Example

RemoteConnect Object Configuration - Example

RemoteConnect Modbus Configuration - Example


Reduced Development Time

Use these Derived Function Block samples to save valuable development time and money.

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