EcoStruxure™ Access Expert Smart Connector

Control Access Expert from EcoStruxure™ Building Operation
Published by Schneider Electric


Easily Integrate Access Expert with EBO

EcoStruxure™ Access Expert Smart Connector is a robust and powerful Cloud based Access Control system which supports a variety of integrations from various aspects of the Security Industry.

The Access Expert extension provides an integration path for Access Expert to facilitate data exchange and various security control options with the EcoStruxure™ Building Operation solution. The Access Expert extension enable the sharing of key day-to-day operational items from the Access Control system into the EcoStruxure™ Building Operation platform but seamlessly expand to include functional control of various point types.

EcoStruxure™ Access Expert Smart Connector

Access Expert Cloud Architecture


Optimized Building Controls

The SmartConnector provides Access Expert information in EcoStruxure™ Building Operation to optimize security controls and monitor events and alarms through a single pane of glass.

Centralized Alarm Management

EcoStruxure™ Access Expert Smart Connector allows central management of alarms using the EcoStruxure™ Building Operation alarm engine. From one application, customer can see, acknowledge and interact with Security events and alarms.

Improved Efficiencies

EcoStruxure™ Access Expert Smart Connector allows operators to harmonize between operational controls for security connected devices. Now operators can see, monitor and interact with security devices all from within the EcoStruxure™ Building Operation system.
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