RailBox series for EcoStruxure™ M580

WiFi communication routers


Rugged WiFi router for wireless network in EcoStruxure™ architecture

The digitization of plants as well as the increasing automation of mobile equipment are leading to a sharp increase in the amount of data exchanged. Whether it is to monitor a process from a tablet or to exchange data between fixed or mobile equipment, the rugged RailBox range from ACKSYS makes it possible to create reliable and secure WiFi networks in the most severe industrial environments (mines, quarries, steel factories & more).

Acksys’ wireless offer perfectly complements the EcoStruxure™ Productivity and Safety Plant solution by enabling reliable and real-time communication between ground and on-board devices in a mobile environment. Designed with high security standards, RailBox series are stand-alone WiFi routers that perfectly fit EcoStruxure™ architecture with M580:
  • Creating secure, reliable & scalable Wireless networks for IIoT, M2M, inter-PLC communications, remote I/O
  • Open solution compatible with all industrial protocols based on Ethernet (SafeEthernet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP…)
  • Enabling seamless mobility for overhead cranes
  • Guaranteeing continuous access to information through remote access from any tablet or smartphone
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    RailBox series for EcoStruxure™ M580

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    Enhance mobility

    WiFi networks enhance mobility of machines (such as automated overhead cranes) and operators (connected anywhere/ anytime in the factory with tablets and smartphones).

    Saving time and money

    Fast and easily scalable deployment of a secure and reliable network between machines, PLCs, even for hard-to-access equipment or harsh environment.
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