EcoStruxure™ Security Expert SmartConnector

Security Expert to EcoStruxure™ Building Opertion Integration
Published by Schneider Electric


Integrated building management system

The EcoStruxure™ Security Expert SmartConnector provides integration with EcoStruxure™ Building Operation software. The SmartConnector allows you host Security Expert objects and alarms within EcoStruxure Building Operation.

The SmartConnector interface is a middleware application that enables communication between EcoStruxure Security Expert SOAP service with EcoStruxure Building Operation via EcoStruxure Web Services (EWS).

EcoStruxure™ Security Expert SmartConnector


Integrated Building Management System

Using the EcoStruxure™ Security Expert SmartConnector allows an integrated building management system.

Optimised building controls

The SmartConnector provides Security Expert information in EcoStruxure Building Operation to optimise building controls and monitor data through a single pane of glass.

Access to key control information

Having the Security Expert data inside of EcoStruxure Building Operation enables the use of its powerful graphics engine to display key access control information.

Centralised Alarm management

The Security Expert SmartConnector allows central management of alarms using the EcoStruxure Building Operation alarm engine.
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