CO2 Software Utilities for SCADAPack

Calculate CO2 gas flow in gas production and CO2 pipeline transport
Published by Schneider Electric


CO2 Flow Calculation for SCADAPackā„¢ Smart RTUs

CO2 Software Utilities is a gas flow computer software solution that works in tandem with standard SCADAPackā„¢ Smart RTUs to provide CO2 gas flow measurement for CO2 injection well sites and CO2 transport pipelines.

The Utilities package includes:
  • CO2 Calculator: Test flow calculation results offline by plugging pertinent flow data into the calculation app.
  • CO2flo: Provides a complete hardware/software solution for CO2 pipeline flow computation.
  • CO2WAG: Provides a complete hardware/software solution for CO2 Water-Alternating-Gas injection flow computation in producing wells.

  • Before installing a new version of the software, please refer to the Release Notes, available on the Docs & Videos tab, for further information.

    The current version of CO2 Software Utilities included for download is: 2.2.1.

    Download file's SHA256 checksum available on Docs & Videos tab.

    Note: After downloading, unblock the ZIP file: Right-click on the zip file, select Properties and select the Unblock check-box.
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    CO2 Software Utilities for SCADAPack

    CO2flo Main Screen

    CO2flo Alarm Log Screen

    CO2 Calculator

    CO2flo Event Log Screen

    CO2flo Status Screen

    CO2WAG Configuration Screen



    CO2flo and CO2WAG: Flow measurement calculations use a variety of metering types, including Orifice, Wedge and V-Cone.


    CO2flo: Providing a wizard to assist in calibration and multivariable transmitter configuration tasks.

    Audit Trail Compliance

    CO2flo: API 21.1-compliant, 35-day audit trail for use with post measurement data evaluation and editing

    Flexible and Powerful

    CO2flo and CO2WAG: Tailor our solution to fit your specific needs with additional SCADAPack control capacity.

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