Ascom Myco 3

Enterprise grade health information system for reliable, informed and coordinated mobile working
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Bridging clinical information gaps for better-informed care

The Ascom Myco 3 smartphone helps bring together clinical data that all too often is dispersed and difficult to collect. And thanks to a portfolio of clinical apps, the Ascom Myco 3 gives clinicians timely access to this information—helping to streamline care coordination, care responses and care delivery.

The Ascom Healthcare Platform is a portfolio of applications, services, devices and smartphones. This clinical information system provides modular health-care information and communication solutions that integrate with existing information systems. It is a hospital staff communication device that offers end-to-end information flows between systems, people and devices at virtually any point of care.

By bringing together clinical care data often managed over multiple devices and systems, Ascom Myco solutions make patient care needs, notifications and updates more visible—and keeps them close to hand for clinicians.

Ascom Myco 3


Gain time for patient care

Bringing up-to-date information closer to clinicians helps streamline care delivery. Clinicians can use the Ascom Myco 3 and apps to enter vitals to EMRs/EHRs from the bedside, and to scan barcodes to identify patients and verify IDs.

Keep clinical information and task overviews at hand

High resolution 5” screen provides optimal viewing, and supports the management of alerts, requests, assignments and clinical information such as images, lab results, etc.

Communicate and collaborate efficiently

The Ascom Myco 3 uses cellular networks and VoWi-Fi to provide seamless communication and collaboration - from the point of care to anywhere.

Always available for use

The Ascom Myco 3 features a truly hot-swappable battery that can be replaced without powering down the device or logging out of active apps or activities.

A professional device for healthcare professionals

Combines the ease-of-use of an Android™ smartphone with the enterprise-level security and durability essential in healthcare environments. A robust device, the Ascom Myco 3 is disinfectant-ready and dust- and water-resistant.

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Schneider Electric Certification
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